Windermere Roof Cleaning Services

Florida weather can cause havoc on homes. Regular exposure to sun, wind and rain can wear down all types of roofs, to say nothing of the damages which can potentially be caused by hurricanes and other strong storms. Aside from damage, the Florida weather can also be really rough on a roof’s appearance. Dirt, leaves and other debris need to be regularly removed.

Windermere Roofing Company provides roofing solutions for Orlando and all of its surrounding cities. We’re here with cleaning, repair and new roof installation.

Roof Cleaning Will Leave You Looking’ Great

The climate of Florida can create havoc on your roof. The combination of the sun, the moisture and the wind gradually wears down your roof, and can lead to leaks and other damage down the line. So it’s important to take care of any small roof problems before they grow.

Cleaning Personalized for Your Needs

Florida’s unique climate, and its one-of-a-kind style, has resulted in a wide variety of materials used to create roofs. Fortunately, no matter what type of roof you have, we can clean it and inspect it for damage. We’re experts in all kinds of roofing materials, including:

• Tile

• Shingle

• Metal

A roof cleaning will not only polish up the appearance of your business, it’s also a great way to keep your roof in great shape. First off, cleaning easily removes unwanted debris. But there’s another, additional benefit: it’s a great way for a professional to inspect your roof for any problems.

How to Spot Potential Roof Damage

When it comes to the health of your roof, there are two things to watch out for: light and water. If you see sunlight coming through your roof, it’s obviously time to call in a professional. But you should also call for help if you discover mysterious pools of water inside, even if you don’t actually see a leak in your roof. Water can enter through very small spaces and, over time, can lead to the build-up of mold.

You also want to check the condition of your shingles or tiles. If they’re loose, missing or worn, you probably want to call a professional. Additionally, check your gutters for debris. You want them to be clear, so water has an opportunity to move away from your house or business.

Like most home repairs, spotting potential problems before they get out of hand is the best way to save money and prevent huge maintenance hassles. When you schedule a roof cleaning from the Windemere Roof Company, you not only get a great-looking roof, you also get a roofing professional on-site to check things out.

Orlando’s Best Service

The Windermere Roof Company is Orlando’s number one choice for all its roofing needs. We offer cleaning, repair and complete re-roofing services for both residential and commercial locations. We’re  experts in tile, shingle and metal roof maintenance. If you have any roof problems, questions or concerns, please contact us today. When it comes to your roof, we’ve got you covered.